Play the fascinating French version of Roulette

 This version of Roulette is characterized by the absence of the double zero , typical instead of American Roulette , with an evident benefit in terms of payout for the player compared to the house.

So like the European Roulette version , French Roulette also sees the presence of 37 numbers and not 38.

This version of the game was the second to officially become a recognized game in casinos, after the original American Roulette version .

French Roulette bets and the “En Prison” rule

Obviously the language used in this variant of the game is French and below we offer you a list of the main bets translated into the language of French Roulette .

  • the so-called ” dry number ” bet is called ” en plein ” and pays 35 the stake;
  • the horse becomes the “ cheval ” and pays the bet amount 17 times;
  • the triplet is called ” transversale pleine ” and pays the risked stake 11 times;
  • the quatrain is called ” carrè ” and rewards the player with a sum equal to 8 times the amount bet;
  • the sestina is called ” transversale simple ” and rewards the player with a figure 5 times the value of the stake;
  • the column becomes ” columns ” in this version and allows you to double the bet amount;
  • the dozen becomes ” douzenne ” and also allows you to double the stake.
  • the so-called “ transversale de quatre ” is the bet that groups the first 4 numbers and rewards the player with 8 times the bet made.

Another rule that characterizes this particular variant of roulette is the ” en prison “. in which the player who has bet on a double chance , but has seen the number 0 come out and therefore loses, saves half of the amount wagered. The house in this particular type of bet sees its advantage diminish considerably to 1.35%.

Advertisements: the great peculiarity of French Roulette

The peculiarities no doubt the most loved by the players of this particular version of the game of roulette are called ” annunc the ” otherwise known in English ” call bets “.

In fact, the ” ads ” allow you to group a set of different numbers and among them the most famous are:

  • “Voisins du 0” ( Neighbors of 0 ): allows you to bet on all numbers that are close to 0 inside the wheel;
  • “Tiers du Cilindre” ( The Cylinder ): allows you to bet on all numbers that are far from 0;
  • “Orphelines” ( Orfanelli ): this ad allows you to bet on all numbers that are not included in neither the first nor the second type of ads;
  • “Finals”: this ad allows you to focus simultaneously on all the numbers that have a certain second number. eg. “Finals 3”: with this bet the player will bet on all the numbers ending with 3, therefore 3,13,23,33.